Dr. Taylor on Functional Medicine:

Dr. Taylor has been practicing Chiropractic for over 20 years but it wasn't always smooth sailing.

"I now have answers to the majority of my patient's problems who don't completely recover with just Chiropractic treatment. After spending a very painful and emotional draining first ten years of a second career as a Chiropractor with degenerative arthritis disease and eventually a hip replacement I was lead to Functional Diagnostic Medicine

      I was a Doctor in denial who was forced to work backwards to get to the root cause. Just as I found the root cause of my chronic low back pain was my misaligned upper cervical bones I found that my diet and gut dysfunction were the causes of my inflamed hip.​ I first eliminated refined grains and sugars from my diet and within days I felt better.

​The more I read and researched the more I realized that I had uncovered to myself, a lot about the root causes of most diseases and realized there was a whole field of study out there called “Functional Diagnostic Medicine.”  I had to go back and review the biochemistry classes that I took in Chiropractic college and all of the anatomy and philosophy classes and was content that along with my health history I had the best foundation for getting certification in Functional Diagnostic Medicine.

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