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Our patients tell their stories.

Another satisfied customer. I had horrible neck and shoulder pain that had intensified to the point where sleeping was becoming the only activity I looked forward to, to try and escape the pain. I could not even enjoy yoga without my shoulder and neck flaring up and giving me nasty headaches. I was trying expensive massages that were slightly helping but it became apparent they were not going to get to the root of my discomfort. I bought the Groupon for primary and follow up visits for Dr. Taylor and from the first session I realized this guy is awesome. He listens and appreciates my detailed explanations about my pain and explains what he is doing about it and why. He is more than happy to explain stretches and exercises that your condition would benefit from, and he's also really cool to talk with and makes the session that more enjoyable. You can tell he loves what he does and wants to get you on your way and feeling better, which isn't what all chiropractors make people feel like, from my experience. I have already sent 4 other people here that have all felt better because of him. Highly recommend going to see Dr. Taylor!

I went to Dr. Thomas because I could not stand my neck and lower back pain anymore. Icy hot and massage chairs were just not cutting it anymore. I got a series of two adjustments along with a consult and it didn't cost me an arm and a leg. I can honestly say I feel sooo much better(life changing results really). Dr Tom was courteous, knowledgeable, professional, engaging and offered additional information. He shared with me some really great stuff. Come see for yourselves how amazing his services are. Prepare to be amazed and say goodbye to crippling back/neck pain! Thank you Dr Tom, couldn't be any more grateful!

Commercial Fisherman here and Dr Taylor focused on my atlas, but also paid attention to my problem area (lower back) giving in detail the reasoning behind why he adjusts the neck first. He takes the time to educate me rather than moving me on like cattle lol

From being awoken from my sleep by my extreme lower back pain and crawling to my kitchen for pain killers to being able to go about my normal daily activities in only 2 adjustments! Dr Taylor has some amazing techniques I've never experienced! Highly recommend!

I actually met dr Tom when I was visiting a friend and he happened to be there with his portable table. I have been to several other chiropractors and they all helped but they just didn't fix my back like he did. If you are looking for a good chiropractor without a lot of sales pitch then see Dr. Tom. He will fix you up and leave it up to you when to come back.

I have had many chiropractic adjustments, but in just one visit, I feel better, have less pain and more energy than all the other times I've been adjusted put together. The upper cervical adjusting REALLY works.

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