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25 most FAQ about whiplash:

Q:  How common are whiplash injuries?
A.  There is whiplash in almost every car crash that results in injury.

Q:  What is a soft tissue injury?

A. Examples soft tissue injuries are damaged veins, arteries, nerves, muscles and ligaments.

Q:  How are these types of injuries detected?  

A. Measurements of range of motion and palpation and x-rays and MRI’s and other methods.

Q:  I have a prior condition that got worse after the accident. Is this common? 

A. Yes.                                                                  


Q:  I was told that I could get conditions such as Fibromyalgia or Arthritis prematurely as a result of untreated whiplash injury. Is this true? A. yes.


Q: Why do you know so much about whiplash?

A. I have been injured in several car crashes and now as a doctor in chiropractic I specialize in neck injuries.

Q:  What are the most common conditions caused by whiplash?

A.  Headaches, neck pain, back pain. Q. What if the MRI that I had turned out to be normal? Well normal for whatever the provider who ordered it was attempting to rule out or in. That is where you need a second opinion.


Q: If I need treatment do I have to pay for it myself?  

A. No not usually. We will verify the claim before starting any treatment. And only in very rare circumstances does the injured patient pay for their care as they go. Some people don’t understand their right to have treatment after a car accident, so that is why Alaska law mandates all licensed vehicles to have a $50,000 per person medical liability policy. We can assist you in obtaining this information.  


Q:  How long after the accident should I wait before I settle with the insurance Co.?

A. In the state of Alaska you have 2 years to settle your personal injury case.

Q: The insurance adjuster told me it was next to impossible to have an injury like I have based on the slight amount of damage to my car, is that correct?

A. The insurance adjuster is not a doctor.

Q: Should I see an attorney?

A. We work with an attorney  who is a former attorney for Geico  insurance company.

Q: I have a hospital bill but it wasn’t my fault, am I still responsible for it.

A. That is a question our attorney can answer.

Q: The Insurance Co. keeps calling and wants to settle. What should I do?

A. Do not sign or settle until you have had your injuries evaluated and documented.

Q: I was given a neck brace to wear called a cervical collar. What is your opinion about these?  

A. They help support the injury but they don’t do anything for the underlying cause of the injury.

Q: In Alaska how long do I have before actually settle my case with the insurance company? 

A. Two years.

Q: The other passengers who were involved in the accident don’t seem to be experiencing the pain that I am. Is this common?

A. It is very common because of lots of different variables like your head may have been turned a different way.

Q: How do I go about getting the paperwork or forms necessary to document my injury?

A. Our friendly staff can assist you with that.

Q. What kind of treatment is best for these types of injuries?

A. Low force chiropractic adjustments and Massage.

Q: Where can I get this type of treatment?

A. Here


Q:  Is whiplash a new phenomena?

A.  Actually the term Whiplash came about back in the mid 1800’s after the invention of the trains. Hitching them up consisted of a slamming the cars together and injuring the passengers without head rests.


Q:  What if the symptoms that I am experiencing now were not present at the time of the accident?

A. That is all the more reason to get checked out.

Q:  I was given medications for the inflammation and pain but I still feel lousy. Is this common?

A.  Meds like muscle relaxers and  anti-inflammatories and pain killers inhibit the bodies repair process.

Q:  Is there any research available or other information that I can learn more about my whiplash injury?

A. Yes the Spine research Institute of San Diego.

Q. Are you a local company?

A.Yes the name of our clinic is "Alaska Healing Touch" Our office is located near the Wasilla High school on Bogard road.   Be sure to look at the map on our contact page.

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