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Fragrance Free
Notice Of
Fragrance Free/ Chemical Free Policy
Scented Products release chemicals that may trigger serious health reactions in people with asthma, migraines, allergies or sensitivities.
For the health and well being of ALL our patients and staff, this office supports the Fragrance-free and Chemical-free policies of:
  • The CDC Indoor Environmental Quality Policy (CDC-SM-2009-01
  • 06.22.2009), EPA (EPA 402-F-91-102)
  • HHS [NIOSH] (Publication NO.91-114)
  • The National Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Association
  • MCS America
  • The Alaska MCS Association and The American Asthma Association
This includes perfumes, colognes, residues from dryer sheets, fresh dry cleaning fluids, fresh nail polish, hair gels or hair spray, and residue from cigarette smoke that may linger on your clothing.
Please act responsibly and be sure you are not wearing chemicals or fragrance today. We’ll be happy to discuss this with you and we will be happy to reschedule!
Thank you for your consideration.
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