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Dr. Taylor

 Dr. Taylor's story: 

Before becoming a chiropractor I was a cattle rancher in Montana. There wasn't a day went by that my back or neck didn't hurt. Our ranch was centrally located between four larger cities and towns about an hour drive from each.  I had relatives and friends that lived in those cities who referred me to their chiropractors. I remember going to three in Missoula, one in Deerlodge, one in Helena, one in Belgrade and two in Great Falls. The one in Helena I went to twice per week for a 6 week treatment plan. And after all of those adjustments I wasn’t one bit better. However, that didn’t stop me because I did get relief but never lasting relief. So I knew I had a chiropractic problem.  The third chiropractor I saw in Missoula, which was about the ninth overall, and my last chiropractor, Dr Scott Matz,  fixed my back by fixing my neck, and he taught me how to do it as he later suggested that I go to chiropractic college to get my degree and when I finished I could work with him.

        Upon finishing Chiropractic school I joined his practice and learned how fixing necks actually fixes the spines and most lower back conditions.

        Well that was the beginning. I then practiced for 12 years in Missoula, MT. before returning to Alaska in 2008.

       I know what it is like to have steady constant nagging back pain.  I couldn't  sit very long and couldn't stand very long or I'd lean against something to take the weight off or neck pain where I was always trying to get it to pop to relieve the pressure that would reduce the headache or rub it to take pressure off and even took over-the-counter meds. for it and on and on........but no more.....

         I fix spines without long term treatment plans. Unless you have had a recent injury like a work injury or four-wheeler crash or car crash then it shouldn’t take very long to get you up and running. I really can say I do well with difficult chronic conditions.

That is why it is termed "Short  term Chiropractic"

Although to qualify that statement, Short Term refers to reducing or eliminating the pain and stabilizing the condition so you will feel better as true healing takes much longer.


                           " ABOVE-DOWN AND  INSIDE-OUT"

                                   The best of both worlds!

Doctor BJ Palmer is best known as the “developer” of chiropractic.

Hippocrates is known as the “father” of medicine.

Above-down refers to getting the above vertebra in the spine / neck in alignment first and Inside-out refers to healing the order for the body to right itself. 

We refer to the above vertebra as the "UPPER CERVICAL " 

I have been practicing this philosophical way of chiropractic for over twenty years. I recently became certified in FUNCTIONAL Diagnostic medicine after realising that of the patient's who didn't get better under my UPPER CERVICAL care usually had another cause of their symptoms..... 

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