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New Patients Page

New patients seen the same day!

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs 

Out side of these times, call anyways, we'll make time. 

I love what I do.





Day One


1) New Patient will be given an "Application For Care" document  at the time of appointment that will need to be filled prior to meeting with Dr. Taylor.


2)  "Posture Exam" which will consist of Patient standing in front of our Posture Window and getting a photo of their Posture. At this time hair will be asked to be pulled away from face for proper reading of your posture. We ask you try and avoid wearing loose fitting clothing.


   3) Initial consultation with Dr. Taylor, who will listen carefully to your concerns and discuss your issues.  

   4)  From there you will proceed to the examination where Dr. Taylor will guide you through the process of looking for clues to the cause of your problem, tell you whether or not he can help you and if he can he will treat you then. 


   5) Fee:  There is a discount for paying in full on the same day at time of service.    Insurance is       accepted and billed as a courtesy. 


Exam: initial exam: cash fee, pay at time of service = $75.00 

                                      Insurance paying =  $90 - $160  depending on level of detail.

Initial Adjustment fee : cash fee pay at time of service = $50.00

                                      Insurance paying = $60 - $70. depending on the number of areas adjusted. 








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